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  • Share with the audiences my history with pain pills after becoming addicted following an automobile accident and how I weaned myselpf off the highly toxic opiates using Cannabis to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and with the moral and spiritual support of people who cared about my wellnes

  • Impart factual, scientific information about the opioid epidemic, how to not get "hooked" in the first place, and how to recognize the symptoms of addiction and determining if you or your loved one is addicted.

  • I hope to save and/or restore as many lives as possible, wherever the need may exist, by being an example of life after opiates.


  • The image shown above is of two  friends and I in Las Vegas. Both ladies  have benefited from Topicals containing CBDs. In Juanita's case (bottom left), her knees were severely swollen from arthritis that like many elderly must deal with daily. After three or four days of applying a pain relief cream containing CBDs, she experienced noticeable relief from the crippling effects of the inflamed nerves. 

  • Pain in the elderly population is especially difficult given the myriad of physiological, pharmacological, and psychological aspects of caring for the geriatric patient. Opiates are the mainstay of pain treatment throughout all age groups but special attention must be paid to the efficacy and side effects of these powerful drugs when prescribing to a population with impaired metabolism, excretion and physical reserve. 


  • My knowledge of marijuana is derived from my employment as a State of Nevada licensed agent at the number one  dispensary in Las Vegas and circa sixty-one years as a user. Of course I knew about THC, (I am, after all, a Jazz/Blues musician) and have known for some time that Cannabis has many healing medicinal properties but there was so much more to be learned.

  • Part of my training at the Dispensary included learning terms like Terpeninolene, trans-Ocimene,  b-Caryophyllene and Cannabinoids, Myrenes and the many healing properties of the weed such as CBDs, that do not alter the conscience (get you high).



  • Since publishing my non-fictional autobiography A Motherless Child, Second Edition, I have dedicated myself full time as a Motivational Speaker and Audio Actor to bringing my message to the young and the elderly about drug addiction and my personal challenges.


  • Dedicated to someone I know absolutely nothing about, my biological Mother. From the racially segregated era in Mississippi to the West side of Chicago, the gangs, joining the Air Force at sixteen to escape the streets to eventually finding his niche as a singer, songwriter in Hollywood. But then gets romantically involved with a wealthy widow of a famous songwriter with a penchant for cocaine and high-stakes poker. Share Shelley's relationship with Maurice White and an unknown group named Earth, Wind & Fire.

  • Fisher walked away from "Tinsel Town" to live and work in Japan, Canada and ending up in Scandinavia for a total of twenty-three years. Shelley repatriated to Las Vegas in 2000 to perform in most of the MGM properties on 'The Strip" including a three year stint at the MGM Mirage Resort.

  • "This autobiography shows someone who does not shy away from HIS responsibility for HIS life."  The "ease" of the read makes all the messages and revelations flow without a "preachy" effect that often nullifies those things.