Shelley Fisher Interview




  • I have no concerns over medical professionals prescribing opioids for people with real and acute pain that is limited in duration or associated with a defined event. 

  • Degenhardt, et. al. revealed that marijuana use in conjunction with prescribed opioids were able to induce effective pain relief in respondents suffering with cancer pain. 

  • I also believe that in the absence of severe inflammation, most of what is described as pain is the “opioid beast” demanding to be fed. After thirty days of “Take by mouth 4 times daily,” you are addicted.


  • What began as a moderate sports injury was treated by a licensed physician that prescribed Percocet, an addictive, socially accepted pain pill. It is a relatively low dose combination of the opiate OxyContin and the analgesic Acetaminophen. 

  • After two weeks of swallowing the pill four times a day, you find yourself planning your day around making sure you have the medicine available so you can take it on time.  

  • No one told you that this simple looking pill that temporarily takes your mind off the sports injury and allows you to sleep like a secure baby would take control of your life.

  • That is why addiction can not be broken with sheer will power. It takes a physical, psychological and, finally, heart-felt soulfull shift to "get out of the game" and set up a new existence



  • The opioid crisis is the worst addiction epidemic in American history. Drug abuse overdoses kill more than 64,000 people per year, and the nation’s life expectancy has fallen for two years in a row.    

  • People who are hospitalized for opioids -- including prescription painkillers and heroin -- are four times more likely to die than they were 15 years ago, a US study said Monday.

  • White people who are over 50 and have lower incomes are the hardest hit by the spike, said the findings in the journal Health Affairs.               

  • Seniors are more likely to resist using Cannabis for pain relief because of tired propaganda such as “Reefer Madness” that for generations warned caucasian parents that marijuana would cause their daughters to run wild and engage in immoral sexual behavior, murder, insanity and even suicide.

  • My concern is for those who have lost the will to function in their daily lives WITHOUT pain pills.

  • Veterans suffering from PTSD. 

  • Senior Citizens living with arthritis and chronic pain.


  • Epilepsy/Multiple Sclerosis patients.   

  • The very fact that the human brain can experience the euphoria from drugs tells us that we are wired to experience it, however, we are not meant to achieve this kind of mental state without doing the work, which is spiritual. In effect, drugs are a cheat, and that is why they are so harmful and addictive.



  • NO ONE has ever died from ingesting too much marijuana. 

  • Claims of marijuana’s medicinal values have been widely debated despite support from medical research and study. Federal Study Finds Marijana 100X Less Toxic Than Alcohol, Safer Than Tobacco. 

  • In places where medical marijuana is legal, opioid abuse and addiction has fallen by 25%, but the government maintain they are stumped as to why.

  • Federal legislations that govern marijuana use aim to restrict rather than regulate – and this has posed a problem to people seeking the medicinal and recreational effects of the herb, very far from intentions of abusing its effects. 

  • What is it about marijuana that scares the government – and the public – so? For decades it was associated with jazz musicians, hippies and people too lazy or stoned to work.

  • Until recently, smoking marijuana was the standard method of delivering Tetrahydrocannabinol, abbreviated THC into the bloodstream for recreational users. THC is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. 

  • The fact is there are several methods of delivering the analgesic effects to medical patients.  CBD oils, tinctures and edibles give relief from pain, seizures and the effects of PTSD without getting you high. 

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